CrossTrainer Mixed Reality

CrossTrainer® Mixed Reality LLC is a joint venture created by top industry professionals to offer next-level augmented and virtual reality technology to the training industry. By combining cutting edge tech with proven training methodologies we create immersive mixed reality solutions that our clients can immediately integrate into their curriculum. View our products

Our Team

  • Kris Jackson
    Kris Jackson Co-Founder
  • Kajeer Yar
    Kajeer Yar Co-Founder
  • Brian J. Boyle
    Brian J. Boyle Co-Founder
  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris Co-Founder
  • Radomir Kucharski
    Radomir Kucharski Co-Founder
  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Partner
  • Heather Boyle
    Heather Boyle Director of Business Development

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