Gamification Products to Engage Learners

Looking for a way to strengthen learning concepts? How about improve retention between events? Need a live workshop or webinar activity? Just pick one of CrossTrainer’s games, provide us with questions, and prepare to level-up learning. Check leaderboards from your phone and use question-level reporting to identify knowledge gaps. Gamification with CrossTrainer is a win-win for both training professionals and learners. Because you’ve got great content, we’ve got great gamification solutions.


Get your team up and moving in this thrilling game of cat and mouse, where players are bandits racing to find hidden jewels around your event location. Answer questions to unlock each case, collecting precious gems and clues before finding the elusive ghost diamond. Each ‘game in a box’ features everything facilitators need for an unforgettable learner experience. Short on time? CrossTrainer can have your Great Jewel Heist up and ‘running’ with your unique content within 5 business days.

Around the world

Hold on to your hats and get ready for a race around the world! Up to 6 teams can compete in this facilitator-led digital board game. Deliver it live or virtually with a self-contained leaderboard for instant results. Up, up and away we go!


You just woke up on a futuristic space station. You’re disoriented but need to act fast to avoid a life threatening solar flare. Search the VR space station, answer questions and unlock clues to get to safety! This immersive escape-room style game is played in virtual reality, with or without a headset. The outer space adventure awaits!

Hospital Run

Drag and drop your account rep through fun scenarios to navigate a hospital visit. Gather information from staff gatekeepers and gain access to the physician’s office. Think fast and get bonus points for speed during this scavenger hunt style game. Answer questions correctly along the way or you’ll be asked to leave the hospital!


You’re an ER doctor and patients need your help. Each patient has questions of increasing difficulty. Answer correctly and your patient will be healed. Think fast and get bonus points for speed. Answer incorrectly and it could be a disaster!


A team of medical experts have shrunk you to microscopic proportions to fight a virus that has a mind of its own! Think fast and get bonus points for speed in this continuous-runner style game. Make your way through the body blasting as many diseased cells as you can along the way!


Ready to challenge your knowledge? It’s time to play Trivia Trainer so spin the wheel and take a chance! Answer all questions in a category correct to reach the bonus round. Think fast and get bonus points for speed.


Use HiiT to reinforce important concepts between learning events. Learners receive quiz alerts in their inbox on a schedule of your choice. Upon click through, they’ll have a few moments to answer, and their scores are recorded to a cumulative leaderboard. It’s a combination of pulsed learning and gamification that’s sure to be a big “HiiT!”

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