Responsive eLearning

Have print or PDF training material in need of a mobile-friendly upgrade?

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Need to ensure your learners read the material? Avoiding conversion to eLearning because it’s too much time, money, effort?

Our modern approach to eLearning is as attractive on a phone as it is on desktop. Responsive eLearning is a popular solution for clients who need rapid conversion of training materials without storyboarding. Others need an easily editable platform for microlearning. We like the device-optimized appearance and scrolling interface. Whatever the reason, it’s a smart choice for any audience.

Let CrossTrainer help!

It’s no easy task to modernize L&D for an organization when you need more bandwidth to do it.

If you have slides, pdfs or documents you need converted into mobile eLearning, let CrossTrainer, a L&D leader’s favorite secret weapon, help get your eLearning conversion projects done.

  • Interactive, mobile-responsive eLearning using Rise or Adapt
  • Standardized affordable pricing based on page count
  • Typical conversions only take 2 weeks
  • Dedicated Account Manager for your project
  • You get the source files (Rise or Adapt account required for transfer)

Send us your page count and we’ll send you an estimate!

Provide your PDF or print training document page count and we’ll get back to you within 3 days with your estimate.


Mobilizing Learning for a Regional Restaurant

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