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Leading National Fast-Food Retailer develops VR Learning Program to Maintain Brand Quality and Standards Across Franchises

In the competitive fast-food industry, maintaining consistent brand quality and standards across a vast network of franchise-owned stores is a significant challenge. With each store experiencing high turnover rates and individual franchisees having diverse hardware setups for training, it can be a struggle to ensure uniformity in employee training programs. To tackle this issue, this client turned to CrossTrainer for an innovative learning solution: Virtual Reality (VR).

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Elevating Data Literacy: Transformative eLearning for a Leading Construction Company

Discover how a national construction company overcame the challenge of communicating the importance of data analysis tools to its diverse workforce. Partnering with CrossTrainer, they embraced innovative eLearning modules, featuring animated videos, immersive VR experiences, software simulations, and role-based training. The result? A game-changing learning experience that not only drove increased learner participation and engagement, but also led to customized onboarding for new hires and sparked a series of exciting training initiatives.

Find out how this success showcased the organization’s commitment to innovative L&D in the case study!

Revolutionizing Front-Line Training: Mobilizing Learning for a Regional Restaurant and Winery Chain.

A leading restaurant and winery chain overcame the challenge of paper-based training for its frontline staff by partnering with CrossTrainer. Converting print materials into mobile-responsive eLearning modules using Articulate Rise, ten modules were delivered within two months. This innovative approach empowered staff with on-the-go support and optimized internal resources, showcasing the impact of strategic collaborations in meeting critical training needs.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Equipment Training Updates Global Risk Management Company's Training and Marketing

Engineering Scalable Equipment Training: Discover how a Global Risk Management Company harnessed the power of Augmented Reality (AR) for both learning and marketing functions. An innovative webAR catalog enabled remote access, elevated engagement, and scalability, while QR code-triggered overlays bridged virtual and physical equipment learning seamlessly. Positive feedback and industry acclaim showcase a groundbreaking shift in training approaches.

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