Coach LMS Administration

Let’s face it. No one really likes their LMS. Let us take care of it for you.

With countless LMS integrations, CrossTrainer’s Coach LMS service will make you love your LMS.
We assess your use case, optimize your learning paths, and automate as much as possible. We’ll get your training managers up to speed, and then we’ll be the help desk for ongoing support. This means you can focus on learning goals and analysis, not password resets and enrollment issues. Because you’ve got great content, we’ve got great LMS solutions.


We assess your use case


We optimize your learning paths

We automate as much as possible
Provide Training

We get your training managers up to speed

We’ll be the help desk for ongoing support

Need a new LMS or LXP?

We’ll make a non-biased product recommendation based on your needs and our experience, then help you build it out and launch it!

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