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1Pro VR: 1st person perspective VR process capture

1Pro VR is an interactive, web-based virtual reality process training for companies that have skill positions with a need to transfer process knowledge for new hires and employee advancement. With 1Pro VR, the learner experiences the procedure from the perspective of the expert and is presented with decision-making opportunities at each step in the process to assess their ability.


of manufacturing firms are concerned about Brain Drain.1

Almost 90%

report that they rely on the talents of an aging workforce.1

2.1 Million

manufacturing jobs are projected to be unfilled by 2030.2

Compared to traditional methods of process training, such as 2D standard video, or text-based SOPs, 1Pro VR is a much more engaging visual approach that will improve retention and provide a realistic on-the-job experience before ever setting foot on site. Contrary to popular belief, VR capture is an efficient way to solve the skills gap problem facing many industries, particularly in manufacturing, skilled trades, and service industries.

CrossTrainer 1Pro Process

Discuss Requirements and Existing Documentation

On Site 360 Capture

Walk Through Footage with subject matter experts

Storyboard Draft & Approval

Post Production & VR Programming

Deliver SCORM for deployment to all user devices from your LMS

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