Below are sample recordings of our products and solutions. To schedule a meeting please use this link.  For pricing details and to access live demos, please log in to your CrossTrainer client portal below.


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Slide-based interactive eLearning design and development services using Articulate Storyline authoring tool.

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Responsive eLearning

Responsive eLearning is a popular solution for clients who need rapid conversion of training materials without storyboarding. Choose from Rise or Adapt authoring options.

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Smart PDF

Our Smart PDF solution provides a cost-effective digital upgrade with improved navigation, helpful interactivity, and convenient offline viewing.


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WebAR Holograms of 3D characters or Live Actors launched from a QR code.

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WebVR simulated 360 environment with avatars for objection handling and exploration.

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WebAR activated print material.

AR Face Filters

WebAR Face Filters for patient experience applications. Custom designed to specifications, with the ability to change symptoms in real time. QR code launch or embed in eLearning.

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Scorm-wrapped Augmented Reality. Embeds in popular authoring tools like Storyline and Rise.

AR Human Anatomy

WebAR Human Anatomy with all body systems available in male and female models. For disease state, MOA, surgical procedures and more.

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1Pro VR

Interactive, web-based virtual reality process training. Learners experience procedure from the expert’s perspective. Decision-making opportunities at each step assess learner abilities.

xPortal VR

360-degree images or videos professionally captured on location, programmed into VR with hotspots and branching interactivity to create an immersive, realistic experience.


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Interactive Marketplace Comparison Tool.

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Annotated PI / Clinical Paper / Sales Aid Tool.

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Template Systems

Our Microsoft Word template solutions are trusted by many training departments to accelerate their content development workflows.

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Software Simulation

Software simulations designed to replicate actual software or mobile apps, with an overlay of prompts, voiceover, and click based validation to create interactive eLearning.


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Jewel Heist

AR scavenger hunt game for live events.
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Around the World

Facilitator-led multiplayer. Populate with custom questions. Learn more

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High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT)

Pulsed quizzes. Populate with custom questions. Learn more

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Space Escape VR

VR escape room for desktop, tablet, or headset. Populate with custom questions. Learn more

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Continuous runner. Populate with custom questions. Learn more

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Trivia Trainer

Spin the wheel. Populate with custom questions. Learn more

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Dr. Doctor

Jeopardy board. Populate with custom questions. Learn more

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Hospital Run

Scavenger Hunt. Populate with custom questions. Learn more


AR/VR Strategist

An XR consultant is a great fit for organizations interested in AR/VR who need to make a business case for how to apply this technology to its greatest advantage.

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LMS Administration

CrossTrainer’s Fractional LMS Administration service will help accomplish business objectives and reduce your cost to hire and train an in-house administrator.

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