VR in Healthcare: Brian Boyle’s TEDx Talk

We recently re-designed CrossTrainer’s website and noticed Brian’s October 2019 TedX talk on unlocking the potential of VR in healthcare didn’t make it over. It’s has over 3,000 views and we think it bears re-sharing! Have you seen it yet? 


Here’s the original post:

Did you know access to physical therapy for people with disabilities drops off after they finish high school? In his talk, Unlocking the Potential of VRBrian Boyle (founder) explains how we are using virtual reality (VR) to address this issue as well as other challenges that face adults with disabilities.


Virtual reality has multiple applications in the healthcare industry. Simulating potentially dangerous situations is popular and distraction therapy for unpleasant procedures is gaining traction. Since Brian’s talk, and as VR becomes more accessible, hospitals and outpatient programs are finding more opportunities to utilize and research the technology for improving patient experience. 


Our eLearning design experience helps us build patient-friendly VR activities that are easy-to-use and guided by defined objectivesBe sure to view Brian’s TEDx talk to learn more about CrossTrainer’s work using VR in the healthcare industry. Contact us for more information on healthcare projects. 


Posted by Heather Boyle,

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