XR in Learning: CrossTrainer at RIVR May Meetup

May 23, 2019

On Thursday, May 23, Brian and I presented at the RIVR May Meet-up in Providence, discussing augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality applications for training and development. Brian demonstrated CrossTrainer’s new version of AROH and attendees were very excited to try our two-player AR game Knightfall, produced for the History channel.

Attendees included a senior innovation manager for a global corporation, a woman producing her doctoral dissertation on VR and the elderly, a father of six interested in breaking into the dynamic AR/VR/MR field, an instructor at a local technical college, and a retired Medical Device sales director – who sees AR as a natural fit for training in the industry. After the presentation, we enjoyed pizza and great conversation. It was a fun and productive evening!

We are thankful to RIVR for this opportunity and their work in the community. RIVR is an organization that analyzes the local and global virtual reality and augmented reality markets and helps local practitioners to make valuable connections. RIVR’s goal is for Rhode Island to be a material participant in an industry expected to be worth $180 billion annually within 10 years. 

Images by Narine Emdjian

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-Heather Boyle

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