XR in Workplace Learning: Podcast Episode with Brian Boyle

Are you a learning professional interested in emerging technology like AR and VR (aka XR)? Do you like podcasts? It would be a true crime not to enjoy Brian’s 30 minute conversation with TTA-The Training Associates on AR and VR in workplace learning! Available wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen here.

Description: In this episode of “Bring Out The Talent,” we speak with Brian Boyle about extended reality (XR). Brian is a training designer, technologist, and founder of the award-winning CrossTrainer. With the global XR market expected to rise over 300 billion dollars by 2024 and more cost-effective solutions available, organizations are looking at XR to help increase learning engagement. Brian will discuss several XR solutions, share some interesting use cases, and give listeners tips to help determine which avenue is best for your organization. As the world accelerates its path of digital transformation, tune it and learn from an XR expert the key to the future of work and what is next for mixed reality. (Credit: TTA – The Training Associates)


Posted by Heather Boyle,

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