Mixed Reality Magic

These days I’m having a lot of fun showing off our mixed reality training products. Watching the expression on someone’s face the first time they try out MOATAR or MR.Cube is like watching my kids take their first steps. OK – maybe not that special – but it’s pretty great. It makes me feel like a magician.

Well, I’ve worked in training design long enough to see this kind of reaction before. iPads were all the rage back in 2011 and that technology quickly changed the way we develop training. Back then, everyone wanted an app, and a lot of companies made a lot of bad app decisions – and spent a lot doing so.

Since that is somewhat recent history I think we have learned to make calculated decisions about new technology. So this time, once we get past the “wow factor” of AR and VR, we need to settle this frontier with solutions that show a return on investment. This is our goal at CrossTrainer Mixed Reality, to help clients navigate this exciting new world and develop applications that add value. We’ve spent a great amount of research and development weeding through the options, and we have a suite of products that take proven training techniques and add mixed reality to engage your learners in ways that are not possible with traditional training techniques. This is the start of something amazing, but the key to this new technology is content. Inevitably the devices we use will change, but by building great 3D content we are setting trainers up for long term success.

Are you considering mixed reality? If you’re in the training industry, it’s not a matter of if you’re going to employ it, but instead when. We do understand the hesitation to adopt new technology, so essentially we can help clients “dip a toe” into mixed reality with temporary licenses to demonstrate the power of the apps and help them get internal buy in for large-scale applications.

Personally, I’m excited to educate our clients on the potential of mixed reality as it applies to their business, and to be at the forefront of this technology. Oh – and we’re just getting started, just wait till you see what we have in the pipeline! WATCH VIDEO (spoiler alert: there’s water in the pipeline, among other things)

In the meantime, do you like magic tricks? Contact us to schedule a live demonstration.

Posted by Brian Boyle,

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