Three Impactful Ways Manufacturers Should Be Using AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers due to their ability to save time, increase productivity, and make sales.

Here are three ways manufacturers are using AR and VR to achieve these goals:

  1. Training: AR and VR enable manufacturers to conduct a single training session on a machine or process and then use it to train multiple learners multiple times. This helps keep shift leads productive on the floor instead of spending time training new employees. VR is also a great tool for practicing complex and dangerous tasks, where mistakes can have serious consequences.
  2. Sales: AR and VR are used to provide product demos without the need to ship or set up heavy equipment. By offering a compelling and memorable experience interacting with your product or device, you can stand out to prospective buyers. Interestingly, repurposing an AR learning experience into a marketing tool is cost-effective.
  3. Trade shows: AR and VR are transforming the way manufacturers showcase their products at trade shows and exhibitions. Companies can engage potential customers in a more impactful way through immersive demos and experiences, showcasing the unique features and benefits of their products in a memorable and interactive way.

Cost Effectiveness for manufacturing

AR and VR is easier and more cost-effective than ever because these experiences are accessible to users on their computers, tablets, and phones. Are you ready to embrace using phones to wow your customers and learners? Give them what they want.

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