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Formerly Milkroom Entertainment, Crosstrainer Mixed Reality’s Gaming Division has created compelling, cutting-edge edutainment applications for a wide variety of high-profile clients on some of their most-cherished brands, including Mattel, History Channel and more. Our augmented reality applications were featured launch titles for both Apple and Android stores and have all landed on “Best of” lists from major publications.

Augmented Reality Game Titles

History® Knightfall: AR

History® Truck Night in America: AR

A&E® Crime Scene: AR

Hotwheels Track Builder


“For me, it was plain old nostalgia, and it made me feel playful in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. The experience was so fun that I wondered if I could get back into the habit of playing with toy cars, even if they were digital. I found myself addicted, playing level after level. I delighted in seeing what would happen as I launched cars at different speeds, and I never got tired of looking at the tracks from different angles.”
VentureBeat “Lenovo Starts Selling Phab 2 Pro, the first ever Google Tango Phone”

“Crime Scene by A&E is a game for crime scene investigator fans. It draws inspiration from the genre; more specifically, from the shows on A&E like First 48 and Crime 360. The game lets you investigate crime scenes much like on those shows. It uses augmented reality to let you look around and hunt for clues, which is realistically placed directly in your home.”
Android Authority “The 6 Best AR Games for Android”

“Knightfall takes a more serious stance than some of its augmented reality contemporaries by using medieval battles as its setting. It impressively places an entire interactive map on a space in your home, office, or in the street.”
Independent “6 Best AR Games for Apple or Android.”

LMS-Ready Game Titles

Our LMS-Ready animated games are an affordable and quick option to add gaming to your live event or home study. These games can be deployed from our turn-key gaming platform complete with secure user management and leaderboards, or they can be delivered as scorm files for self-hosting on any learning management system.

Trivia Trainer

Hospital Run

Dr. Doctor

Nano Blast

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